Purple Volcano



                               AND THERE'S A DEFINITE TRICK TO IT!!

                               Read on McDuff..................

Green Volcano

When you got up this morning did you really think you were going to find a website later on in the day with the title
"How To Suck Your Own Cock", a website that could afford you a great amount of sexual pleasure?  
It never even occurred to you did it?  
But, lo and behold, here you are and now I invite you to keep reading because the only thing that's going to stand in your way of achieving your end, so to speak, is if you don't TAKE ACTION!   
Now before I get going, let me tell you that in terms of size this is not going to be the biggest and longest site you will ever come across.  
No dozens of pages and links to explore.  Nothing like that!   
In fact, it's going to be real easy to navigate this website because it only has one page and it won't take you too long to scroll to the bottom of it either.  It's going to be pretty damn small!
Why is that? It's simple really.  
It's because I don't have a lot of empty headed words to try and "fill out" the page and make myself sound all intriguing and mysterious in a desperate attempt to impress you with a deep, bottomless well of knowledge.  
Out of the question.  
Instead, I'll just explain as briefly as possible, without being too short of course, what I know from hard experience and ask you to part with the price of a hamburger and coke for that knowledge. 
How's that for being up front? 
Sound OK?   

Right, let's get down to the introductory business of How To Suck Your Own Cock........

Beach Tiki

Now you might have noticed that this web page of mine is somewhat decorated with pictures of tropical islands replete with volcanoes in the background.  
How come?  
Well, strange to say but my knowledge of how to suck my own cock has a weird connection with volcanoes.  
You see, there's this particular volcanic island deep in the South Pacific that I was visiting about twenty years ago that quite dramatically gave the game away as far as being a successful self sucker is concerned.  
I won't divulge the exact name of the island except to say that it's situated on the notorious "ring of fire" somewhere in the D'Entrecasteaux group off the eastern edge of Papua New Guinea.  
I was staying on the island in a village at the seaside and soon after I arrived, very early one morning just before sunrise, my host with a naughty look on his face, invited me to go on a little trek into the jungle in the direction of the volcano in the center of the island.  He said he wanted to show me something very interesting.
I said OK and after a quick breakfast we set off.  
We hiked through thick overhang and almost impenetrable bush for about half an hour on a very toturous and convoluted path that kept disappearing and re-appearing and all of a sudden came out of the trees into a small clearing with a tiny lake and white sand beach and the sight that presented itself to my eyes just about blew my mind!  
Actually my host, on the hike through the forest, had intimated to me that what I was about to see very few white men had ever seen and that I should feel sort of privileged to be able to witness it firsthand.  
And man alive, was he ever not kidding!?  
Because what I saw gave me an instant hard on!  
It was without a doubt the most incredible sight I had ever laid eyes on and the picture is burnt indelibly on my mind never to fade away.....
I see it in my minds eye now halfway round the world and twenty years later as clearly as I saw it back then.....that's how strong that first impression was.  
Truly mind blowing and so very, very erotic!  


SO.............what did I see?   
Well...for the moment I'll have to keep my lips sealed.  
That would almost be giving the game away if I told you here and now wouldn't it?  
If I were to jump the gun in my enthusiasm to describe everything I saw, anybody with an ounce of intelligence could easily put all the elements together and come up with a reasonable answer on the best way of handling the tricky question of  how to suck your own cock.  
And we're all super intelligent here aren't we?  
I mean c'mon.......only us brainy guys have the imagination, the creativity, the inventiveness and the powers of fantasy to think that we can just bend over and give ourselves a mouthful of our own cock.  
You guessed it.  
So just hang on for a second....all the goodies are waiting for you on the other side...... I promise.  
That's why I'm not asking you to part with an arm and a leg for this "privileged" information (as the guy said all those years ago). 
How does $5.95 sound?  
Price of a hamburger and coke?  
Sounds about right to me.  
How about you guys?  Not too much and not a measly two or three bucks either which would hardly make it worth my while doing all this.  
Just enough to cover the building of this website, getting it hosted and so on and still leave me with a few pennies to pay some bills.  That's what 's in it for me.  
What's in it for you......?   
Well, I'll tell you.  
After you've put your magic dimes in the slot on the door and turned the handle to unlock it, what you're going to find waiting for you in the next room is an in depth report that will give you the step by step, blow by blow lowdown and sequence of events that have to take place if you want to have any hope of securing that swollen cock head between those luscious lips of yours in the most reasonably expected short space of time.  
And I'm talking weeks and possibly days instead of months and possibly never......
The 'never' part is if you don't have any clearcut path and method to follow and just blunder and fumble and stumble about in abject confusion and uncertainty.....   
Now here comes the most important sentence on the whole web page........

The report will explain to you the one, ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL, most important thing you MUST do (connected with those volcanoes in the South Pacific) BEFORE you get down to business....... if you want to have ANY hope of short term success.  

Then will come the icing on the cake, the "trick" on how it's best accomplished.

Hula Girl

That's it!
That's my whole sales spiel right there.
I told you it would be short and sweet.
Now, one last word before you decide yes or no about clicking on the "Order Here" button below.
This is a real simple web page as you have seen.  Nothing real fancy.
No crazy graphics all over the place so you don't even know where to startreading.  A few pictures and a few words straight to the point.
You have probably already put some search words into Google about How To Suck Your Own Cock and numerous web pages have cropped up.
You've clicked on quite a few of them and read what they had to say. All free information.
Too much information?  
The classic "information overload" syndrome.
Believe me, I know.  I've browsed through all of them.  Reminds me of my favorite
stanza from the famous poem "The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam".  It goes like this......

Myself when young did eagerly frequent
Doctor and Saint, and heard great
 About it and About : but evermore
Came out by the same Door as in I went.

That about sums up these other web sites right there.
You'll read so much crap it will make your head spin.
You simply won't know where to begin!
And that's where I come in.
For the few measly bucks I'm asking, I'll save you a ton of time.  I'm not kidding!
Just that one essential thing you have to do, what I might call the 'volcano factor'....BEFORE you get down to the 'meat of the matter' worth the price of admission.
And then, after you have done that most important thing, I 'get down' to my own personal best way of 'achieving the end' so to speak.
The very best way I have found, down through the years and still to this day, of getting my mouthful.
What I call "The Trick".

So there you have it.  All I have to say for now.
Again, look at this uncomplicated web page......what do I know about making a website?  Virtually nothing!
That has to be screamingly obvious.
I did not spend thousands of dollars paying someone to make it up for me; therefore I don't have to ask an arm and a leg from you to pay for it.  It's that simple.  Read between the lines here.
I'm speaking and writing from the heart.
My ability to suck my own cock has given me immense ecstatic gratification ever since I learnt how over twenty years ago....and my enjoyment continues...

I really want to help you up to that same plateau of pleasure, that same exhilarated intoxication and euphoric, contented afterglow....I kid you not.
It's pure delectable rapture!

So go down now, click on the order button and I'll see you on the other side of the slurpy, licky, sucky magic door!


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